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As the 3rd Faction Top competition comes to a close we have some changes!. Thank you for participating in the 3rd Faction Top competition, we are hoping to release some great updates and changes to the network soon so look out for that! Listed below are the winners for this competition :)

Edit* We accidentally posted the wrong winners, this has been corrected below.

District 1

  • 1st - Lewish - $150
  • 2nd - ChumBucket - $100
  • 3rd - Abstinence - $100
  • 4th - FannyPack - $100
  • 5th - AutismGang - $100

District 2
  • 1st - Abstinence - $150
  • 2nd - Primal - $100
  • 3rd - Ninjas - $100
  • 4th - Mayhem - $100
  • 5th - Lewish - $100

Faction leaders will need to PM me with their proof of Faction owners (screenshots of in game or short recording will suffice) and verify their identity in game. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating!

As the 2nd Faction Top competition comes to a close we have some changes! Landon and Wild are both taking a break to record other series at the moment and as such we are lower on players than our previous peaks and will be doing coupons for the store instead of PayPal until they are actively recording again. This is really so that we can afford to sustain the server and keep paying our bills until new advertisement is ready. I know this may frustrate some of you but the other alternative was no competition at all, and we decided that store coupons would still make many players happy. Thank you for participating and here are the winners listed below :)

District 1
  • 1st - Squeakers- $150
  • 2nd - Evolve - $100
  • 3rd - Velocity - $100
  • 4th - KoalaGang - $100
  • 5th - Abstinence - $100

District 2
  • 1st - Mayhem - $150
  • 2nd - PeriPeri - $100
  • 3rd - FixFlyGlitch - $100
  • 4th - Facebook - $100
  • 5th - TheBoys - $100

Faction leaders will need to PM me with their proof of Faction owners (screenshots of in game or short recording will suffice) and verify their identity in game. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating!

We have ended our first faction top competition and these are the winners for District 1 and District 2!

District 1
  • 1st - Java - $150
  • 2nd - split4fun - $100
  • 3rd - EZ7 - $100
  • 4th - PTW - $100
  • 5th - ketamine - $100

District 2
  • 1st - Mayhem - $150
  • 2nd - Adjust - $100
  • 3rd - Intel - $100
  • 4th - Ghoul - $100
  • 5th - Gang - $100

Faction leaders will need to PM me with their PayPal email addresses and verify their identity in game. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating!

It's been a while since we've posted an update log so we wanted to inform you all of everything we've fixed / updated in the past few weeks! Due to the work flow being all over the place most of our development has been focused on fixing what already exists before creating new content. These are not always the most exciting things to talk about, but they do serve an extremely important purpose and we would like the community to be transparent and fully aware of the back end development taking place! That being said here is a full list of all the changes / bugs we've made the past couple of weeks.

  • [Patch] Creeper eggs can no longer be placed at Y256 to prevent glitch raiding
  • [Patch] Automated restarts updated and increased to twelve hour intervals
  • [Patch] Cleanse enchant now stacks properly with vigor and removes the debuffs
  • [Patch] Capital Supply Drops updated and fixed on District 2
  • [Patch] All District enchants are now properly unlocking at level 1 instead of random
  • [Patch] God bow rewards in seals and crates were upgraded to be full god bows
  • [Patch] F warp command delays now function properly and cancel when necessary
  • [Patch] F warp max limit of six per faction is now working properly after deleting a warp
  • [Patch] Falling in the void after login now sends you to spawn
  • [Patch] F top is now updated automatically once per hour instead of once per restart
  • [Patch] Vote rewards are now credited automatically without having to relog your account
  • [Patch] Ruins are now delivered properly when purchased from the web store
  • [Patch] Pyre enchantment glitch had permanent potion effects even after armor was broken
  • [Patch] Skull splitter and Serrated Strikes massive damage was nerfed so players don't one shot others
  • [Patch] XP Withdrawal plugin received many patches for bugs / broken items / etc
  • [Patch] District Passes should now be working flawlessly without issue
  • [Patch] District...

I'd like to announce some recent changes and updates coming to the spawner system in game.

  • Mining drop chance changed from 100% → 90%
The reason for this change is to prevent hyper inflation in the economy and to make raiding fair. If players can mine up all of their spawners right before they get raided you don't get any value out of a raid, and you waste both time and resources. This is a small change but should have a good impact on the economy. This means that players can no longer instantly remove all of their spawners and take away all the value from raid attempts. If they choose to mine their spawners they are guaranteed to lose some value, albeit a small percentage, and are more likely to try and defend the raid with traditional means. This is the goal for our network and the type of economy we want to have.

  • Stacked spawners, 10 per stack maximum
This plugin has been in development for a couple weeks yet and isn't quite finalized, but will be live on the server soon. You will be able to shift-click the spawner to upgrade them (increased spawn rates) as well as increase the amount of spawners in the stack. To keep the game fair we will allow a maximum amount of 10 spawners per stack. This means that when mining / destroying stacks with TNT you will see the same chance to drop applied to the entire stack on and independent basis. You can expect this feature to be live within a week after we've finished testing it and making sure everything is flawless.


Another week another update announcement! We've been making amazing progress since the last update and we've ironed out so many bugs and glitches that it's been a very busy week for our development team. We are constantly improving and making changes every single day, and I hope everyone enjoys these posts and sees the rapid growth we've experienced in less than two weeks since launch day!

  • Added Hoppers to /shop at $60k each
  • Added D1 Crates to /shop at $3.25m each
  • Added Cobble Buckets to /shop at $750 each
  • Added Ruins to D1 Crates as a rare reward
  • Added Ruins to D1 Godly Crates as a rare reward
  • Added End world via event, border set to 4k x 4k
  • Added Wrath enchant to /de and adjusted all prices
  • Added a check to /de so players can't lose a book with full inventory
  • Added golden apple sickness, slowness debuff if you eat too many too quickly
  • Added /stats <user> command to check other players stats in game
  • Added /fix all to Gold rank
  • Disabled /fix hand in combat for Gold rank
  • Disabled /fix all in combat for all ranks
  • Updated Ruins from crates to give physical items that can be traded
  • Updated Creepers so they now have a chance to directly drop TNT
  • Update lore on custom enchants to show which are unique and Godly in D1
  • Updated legendary rewards on D1 Godly Crates to include mcMMO and XP
  • Patched one of the main sources of lag, server is running perfect 20 TPS
  • Patched the /trade command and added it back in game for all users
  • Patched [Proxy] error being displayed when attempting to join the network
  • Patched an issue with Hub logins not working and kicking...

We've been live for only five days now and we've already made some incredible progress. I love posting these change logs so the entire community can see exactly how much work we've put in, how many bugs have been squashed, and just how quickly the feature changes you guys want to see are being put onto the server. These change logs / update threads will list all of the bug fixes and updates we make.

I hope you are all enjoying the server as much as we enjoyed making it. I think it will be truly amazing and we have some exciting plans for this network once we start expanding to multiple Districts, so get hyped!

  • Updated all messages and configuration files
  • Updated all crate and seal rewards with buffs
  • Unbans added to the webstore
  • Seals added to the webstore
  • Ruins (gkits) added to the webstore
  • Godly D1 Ruin is now available - can only be obtained from D1 crates
  • Godly D1 Crates have a much larger chance to obtain the D1 Ruin
  • Added enchanted diamond shovels to all donor kits to help with trenching
  • Ranked players can now bypass the server limit up to 325/300 online
  • Lag issues dramatically improved, running at 20 TPS constantly
  • Secondary Hub instance added for redundancy and more players
  • Mob stacking added and updated to be flawless
  • TNT enabled after 3 days, raiding is now live
  • Tons of permission issues fixed and updated with all ranks
  • Tons of price adjustments in the shop to blocks / spawners
  • Tons of custom enchantment balances and adjustments
  • Increased XP received from killing mobs
  • Power loss disabled in warzone to encourage pvp
  • Capital Supply Drops added and automated
  • Capital Supply Drops now go directly into inventory when claimed
  • Platinum ranks now receive +5 power
  • Disabled setting homes in enemy / neutral territory
  • Golden Apple cooldown removed
  • Ender Pearl cooldown changed to 20 seconds
  • Logging out in enemy territory will now send you to...

District PvP has been live for three days and our website is launched now too! I hope you all enjoy this wonderful server made by Landon, WildX, and myself. We have put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the creation of this network and we have wonderful plans ahead of us as well. Please do keep in mind we will have a set of forum and in-game rules to follow that will be posted in the rules section, so check those out when you can.

Thank you all and much love for supporting us!