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Greetings Raiders,

As this season’s f top comes to a close, we are happy to announce the winners! We would like to thank all of our players for participating in this competition and we are overjoyed to award the following factions with their prizes. F top was collected as of Oct 31st, 2017.

District Ftop List:

1st Place - Iraq
2nd Place - Titans
3rd Place - FannyPack
4th Place - Infusion
5th Place - Inception

Factions leaders, Please reach out to Saito to redeem your f top reward. Proof of identity and verification (A screenshot will due) is required upon redemption. Congratulations to everyone! And good luck moving forward!
Greetings District Raiders,

I hope you are all enjoying the season thus far! Some exciting new content has been created and our YouTuber's are hard at work promoting the network. My goal for District is to have enough players by the end of November with continued growth that we can support the launch of District 2 with a brand new map and features. As long as we keep growing and doing well I believe this is very achievable and would make for a great holiday season!

In the meantime we have our
Halloween Sale and new Halloween crates available on the store!

For a limited time only the entire store will have a 30% sale from October 28th to October 31st, so stock up on anything you need and get ready for the holiday season!

Contained within this special Halloween Crate are a few items that won't be obtainable any other time of the year. These include custom mounts, titles, and a new
Halloween Ruin that will not be listed on the web store.

We will be hosting some spooky admin events to celebrate as well so make sure you're online often from October 28th to the 31st! I would also like to announce that Faction Top Prizes for October will be PayPal with a total prize pool of $600.

I look forward to seeing you all there :)
Greetings District Raiders,

Hopefully everyone has enjoyed the reset thus far and are as excited as we are for the YouTubers who have joined our community and will be posting videos regularly! Also folks, expect there to be a Diamond PvP event in the near future that will have epic rewards such as the potential for spawners, in game currency, crates, coupons, and more! ;)

~ We would like to thank all of our community, staff, and everyone for making this reset possible! With our recent update we know there are a lot of questions and eyebrows raised for what unique features were added... and how to use em' all? Throughout the past week we continued to update the server adding cool things for everyone to enjoy. ~

Change Log List (Updated Mechanics)

  • Addition of Mounts - Summon a trusty horse with /saddle.
  • Introduction of Titles - Purchasable unique titles from the webstore.
  • Ancient XP - Ancient altar located at spawn which can recycle enchants and gear for unique rewards.
  • Special Mobs - Introduction of rare mobs in which drop enhanced loot, they roam warzone.
  • KOTH - Automatic KOTH every 2 hours in the warzone, winners get prizes.
  • Updated personal vault system - Customize your vault name and icon, donor access with /pv.
  • Gen Buckets - Introduction of new variations like Obsidian and Sand Buckets.


With the release of the update, a KOTH (King of the Hill) mini game was added to our warzone. Set on a duration of once every 2 hours,...

At 4 PM EST (9PM GMT) we will be releasing The End! This reset, the end is completely flat, so be prepared to fight for your claims as soon as its released!


This announcement will contain more detailed information for the upcoming reset on October 1st. We are aiming to launch the reset at 3 PM EST (8 PM GMT) for District 1, and District 2 will be closed down during this time as well to prevent abuse of the pass system for item storage. We will be running a 25% District Reset Sale on the web store during this time to help everyone get a great start this map.

Updated Features List:
  • Updated warzone with additional points of interest
  • Custom mobs to roam the warzone and wilderness
  • Custom TNT with special effects and powers
  • Custom mounts that can be summoned by players
  • Custom mob bosses that can be summoned in warzone
  • Custom floating power up spawns in warzone
  • Custom titles for players obtained via store and crates
  • Updated spawner system that can be stacked or upgraded
  • Updated enchantment system with ability to recycle books
  • Updated enchants for more balanced PVP and patches
  • Updated Gen Buckets to include Sand and Obsidian
  • Automated KOTH with rewards system and leaderboards

What will be reset:
  • Inventories
  • mcMMO levels
  • In game cash
  • Map data
  • Faction data

What you will keep:
  • Donor ranks
  • Ruins / Gkits
  • Passes
  • Enchants that you have unlocked

Hope to see you all this Sunday for an awesome reset and the continued improvement of the District PvP network. Expect some fun admin events to celebrate and kick things off strong!


Today we have some exciting news! The long awaited reset for District PvP is coming soon and we'd like to provide some information for when that happens. We have been making awesome progress behind the scenes this past month creating new content, features, fixing bugs, and gearing up to launch something that we believe you will all enjoy.

Due to the player count being spread across two Districts we believe it is important to unify the community and bring everyone back together. With this thought in mind we plan to reset District 1 first, monitor the player counts for at least a week, and potentially reset District 2 afterwards if we have enough players. If the player counts are not as high as we would like then we will just leave District 2 where it is and merge some of the features into D1, then take D2 offline for the time being until we can pursue stronger advertising. We do have one YouTuber lined up for a series on the network starting this new season and will hopefully find another to promote as well, but either way I think the excitement and hype for this season will be pretty awesome.

There is not an official date for the reset just yet, but it really is coming soon and the final notice will probably be a short three day window. Continue checking the forums daily and I will post an in-depth detailed announcement soon!


As the 3rd Faction Top competition comes to a close we have some changes!. Thank you for participating in the 3rd Faction Top competition, we are hoping to release some great updates and changes to the network soon so look out for that! Listed below are the winners for this competition :)

Edit* We accidentally posted the wrong winners, this has been corrected below.

District 1

  • 1st - Lewish - $150
  • 2nd - ChumBucket - $100
  • 3rd - Abstinence - $100
  • 4th - FannyPack - $100
  • 5th - AutismGang - $100

District 2
  • 1st - Abstinence - $150
  • 2nd - Primal - $100
  • 3rd - Ninjas - $100
  • 4th - Mayhem - $100
  • 5th - Lewish - $100

Faction leaders will need to PM me with their proof of Faction owners (screenshots of in game or short recording will suffice) and verify their identity in game. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating!

As the 2nd Faction Top competition comes to a close we have some changes! Landon and Wild are both taking a break to record other series at the moment and as such we are lower on players than our previous peaks and will be doing coupons for the store instead of PayPal until they are actively recording again. This is really so that we can afford to sustain the server and keep paying our bills until new advertisement is ready. I know this may frustrate some of you but the other alternative was no competition at all, and we decided that store coupons would still make many players happy. Thank you for participating and here are the winners listed below :)

District 1
  • 1st - Squeakers- $150
  • 2nd - Evolve - $100
  • 3rd - Velocity - $100
  • 4th - KoalaGang - $100
  • 5th - Abstinence - $100

District 2
  • 1st - Mayhem - $150
  • 2nd - PeriPeri - $100
  • 3rd - FixFlyGlitch - $100
  • 4th - Facebook - $100
  • 5th - TheBoys - $100

Faction leaders will need to PM me with their proof of Faction owners (screenshots of in game or short recording will suffice) and verify their identity in game. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating!

We have ended our first faction top competition and these are the winners for District 1 and District 2!

District 1
  • 1st - Java - $150
  • 2nd - split4fun - $100
  • 3rd - EZ7 - $100
  • 4th - PTW - $100
  • 5th - ketamine - $100

District 2
  • 1st - Mayhem - $150
  • 2nd - Adjust - $100
  • 3rd - Intel - $100
  • 4th - Ghoul - $100
  • 5th - Gang - $100

Faction leaders will need to PM me with their PayPal email addresses and verify their identity in game. Congratulations to all winners and thank you for participating!

It's been a while since we've posted an update log so we wanted to inform you all of everything we've fixed / updated in the past few weeks! Due to the work flow being all over the place most of our development has been focused on fixing what already exists before creating new content. These are not always the most exciting things to talk about, but they do serve an extremely important purpose and we would like the community to be transparent and fully aware of the back end development taking place! That being said here is a full list of all the changes / bugs we've made the past couple of weeks.

  • [Patch] Creeper eggs can no longer be placed at Y256 to prevent glitch raiding
  • [Patch] Automated restarts updated and increased to twelve hour intervals
  • [Patch] Cleanse enchant now stacks properly with vigor and removes the debuffs
  • [Patch] Capital Supply Drops updated and fixed on District 2
  • [Patch] All District enchants are now properly unlocking at level 1 instead of random
  • [Patch] God bow rewards in seals and crates were upgraded to be full god bows
  • [Patch] F warp command delays now function properly and cancel when necessary
  • [Patch] F warp max limit of six per faction is now working properly after deleting a warp
  • [Patch] Falling in the void after login now sends you to spawn
  • [Patch] F top is now updated automatically once per hour instead of once per restart
  • [Patch] Vote rewards are now credited automatically without having to relog your account
  • [Patch] Ruins are now delivered properly when purchased from the web store
  • [Patch] Pyre enchantment glitch had permanent potion effects even after armor was broken
  • [Patch] Skull splitter and Serrated Strikes massive damage was nerfed so players don't one shot others
  • [Patch] XP Withdrawal plugin received many patches for bugs / broken items / etc
  • [Patch] District Passes should now be working flawlessly without issue
  • [Patch] District...